Oria Attey


About Me

I am a recent graduate from the University of Texas at Dallas with a degree in Computer Engineering. From young age, I've been passionate about computers and programming, which led me to pursue my studies in this field. Recently, I completed a Java backend development, where I gained valuable experience in developing and implementing real-world Software projects. I'm passionate about exploring new technologies and applying them to solve real-world challenges. I am looking forward to working as a software developer to practice the skills I learned and apply them to real-world problems.


Virtual Vending Machine Application (Vendo-Matic 800)

Virtual vending machine application with command-line interface allowing users to deposit money, choose a product, and return the correct change. Inventory is loaded via a text file and transactions are also logged to a text file.

Money Transfer Application(TEnmo)

Peer-to-peer money transfer application allowing users to send, request, and approve money transfers. Front-end is a command-line application communicating with a RESTful API server in the back-end.

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